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The Man Behind Aluminaid

            Carl Freer: The Man Behind Aluminaid


 Born on 9, May 1970, Swedish Businessman, Carl Freer is mainly known for founding Tiger Telematics, a company that is responsible for the creation of the handheld gaming device, Gizmondo. While Tiger Telematics was dissolved in 2006, after only a few years in operation, the game console the company created did see some success with a market value of $2 billion in its short stint at the top.Carl FreerCarl Freer did go on to develop other technologies, found other companies but it is his work with Aluminaid that will set him apart from all other entrepreneurs like him, especially those in the technology sphere. Founded in 2010, Aluminaid is a bio-tech innovation that is not just genius but saves the lives of many burn victims.
Burn injuries, whether caused by exposure to direct heat, chemicals, electricity, friction or radiation are the third leading cause of accidental death in the United States. The statistics are much grimmer in developing or under-developed countries. And burns, regardless of how they formed can be quite painful. Yet some of the methods employed to treat the wound caused by the burns can increase the pain experienced.
Carl FreerCarl Freer’s Aluminaid is set to revolutionize the way burn wounds are treated. The uniquely patented design consists of a layer of metal and a hydrogel based heat sink. The metal layer is the part of the product that is in contact with the burnt skin, thereby eliminating the heat that many bandages bring to a burn injury, causing more pain. As a matter of fact, Aluminaid is specifically designed to keep heat from the wound better than running cold water over the burnt area would do. The effects are also much more long lasting, ensuring the recovery time is cut by a significant amount.
Aluminaid also comes with another major advantage. The hydrogel heat sink that makes up nearly half of the product is meant to draw heat away from the burnt area. This in effect, not only eliminates pain but also prevents further damage of tissue. This hydrogel based burn dressing far outperforms any other similar product because of its premier workmanship and effectiveness.
Carl FreerThe innovation speaks to the innovator’s prowess and giving credit where it’s due Car Freer has come up with a product that not just makes market sense but is sets him apart from other bio-tech innovators. This product will radically change the lives of all those who use it which is clear was Mr. Freer’s intention. Already widely tested and approved by major regulatory bodies, Aluminaid is the type of product that will quickly become a household name.
Whether that was Carl Freer’s intention remains to be seen. What is clear is his ability to develop and create a product that is not just useful but practical in the real-world. The number of people to benefit from Aluminaid’s one of a kind technology is set to rise in the near future as the product rolls out across the globe.